We realize future-oriented technology for stamping, pressing and forming technology

Comprehensive protection, maximum safety, top quality and 100% availability for tools and machines.

The users of our systems and components are:

  • Mechanical engineering as an original equipment manufacturer
  • The producers in retrofitting
  • The toolmakers

At Unidor, we are engineers - realists for whom facts count. Our job is to automate presses of all kinds with the aim of reliably ensuring the highest production quality in the ongoing process. No one in the international guild of our colleagues can claim to have achieved "one hundred percent". Not even we at Unidor. But we are very, very close. And we are proud of that. Because for us, the "one hundred percent" is not just any number, but the mission that we are fully committed to.

Unidor, the pioneer in integrated press automation.

There are elegant and less elegant ways of controlling and securing the results of pressing and forming processes. One of the most complex is to check the produced product for suitability and to sort out rejects. The optimum is to measure, evaluate and, if necessary, change all relevant values during production in real time - the breakthrough to produced quality. A milestone that we have successfully set. And a milestone that we will not stop at. Because only the complete integration of machine and process control will bring the next quantum leap in press automation.

We are working on it - with the vigor that our customers around the world appreciate.

Our range of services:

  • Project planning and customer-specific developments in hardware and software
  • Commissioning and service from a single source

Our location:

  • 75179 Pforzheim (Germany), Freiburger Straße 3

Our references:

  • Thousands of successful automation projects worldwide
  • Sensors and monitoring devices in use worldwide