Optical tool lock

applyAI Vision - Tool protection module

Experience a new era of safety and efficiency in punching technology with our innovative tool protection product. Thanks to modern camera technology, we enable the detection of foreign objects, workpiece misalignment, waste jams and damage. With our system, you can be sure that your processes always run under optimum conditions. Our system offers unparalleled flexibility. Up to 8 cameras can be connected per system and up to 16 monitoring functions can be set up. Depending on the cycle time, even multiple monitoring times can be set up per camera, allowing for even more precise monitoring. With functions such as "regions of interest" and "regions of no interest", you can precisely define your monitoring areas and concentrate on the essentials. Unimportant areas such as backgrounds with personnel, material and forklift traffic are simply ignored. Our system also offers an efficient alarm function. Each configured monitoring function can trigger an immediate stop signal, a stop at end of cycle signal or a warning message. Escalation measures can also be stored, e.g. to respond to multiple warnings within a short period of time. The cameras in our system can optionally be equipped with their own integrated light sources and one of three different lenses in order to monitor broad or specific areas of the tool in a targeted manner. With the ability to retrogradely examine image sequences from production, our system also offers a valuable resource for identifying possible causes of errors and optimization potential. In addition, we offer graphical displays that show the progression of the comparative key figures using the monitoring function and camera. With our tool validation product, you benefit from an improved overview and control, which ultimately leads to increased efficiency and productivity.

Performance features Tool protection

  • One system supports up to 8 cameras.
  • A maximum of 16 monitoring functions can be set up.
  • Several monitoring points per camera possible (e.g. 90°, 270°).
  • Triggerable signals: "Immediate stop", "Stop at end of cycle", warning messages.
  • Escalation mechanism: e.g. after 5 identical warnings in 5 minutes "Stop at end of cycle".
  • Camera options: integrated light sources, three lens types.
  • Subsequent analysis of image sequences from production possible.
  • Graphics visualize key figures by monitoring function and camera.