Multi-beam, frame

FPE series

The FPE series multi-beam frame photoelectric sensors are used wherever the smallest non-guided parts need to be detected. These sensors detect objects from a size of 0.3 mm and are very insensitive to ambient light. The sensitivity (size of the parts) and the pulse length can be set via step switches.


Typical application:

  • Ejection control
  • Count parts

Description / Benefits:

  • high sensitivity objects >0.3 mm
  • Infrared
  • Changing light
  • External amplifier (interface)
  • Switching status display
  • Adjustable pulse length and sensitivity
  • Contamination compensation & display
  • Scratch-resistant optics
  • Oil-resistant PUR cable fixed (PG) or pluggable
  • Baffle plates as glass protection (optional)
  • Analog output 0-10V (optional)
  • High-speed version 10 KHz (optional)

Data sheet in PDF format:

FPE series