Feed control/position control

With feed control / position control, a light barrier, a diffuse sensor or an inductive sensor in the punching tool monitors the correct position of the punching strip or component. The signal changes are monitored and linked to the position or path of the machine. If the signal(s) do not change, the strip is not in the correct position and the tool monitoring system stops the machine.

Typical applications

  • Control position
  • Feed rate
  • Parts

Single beam, fork

Optical, single-beam, fork GD series, GLE series, FG series, GLS with WLV 3 series, GD- L series

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Single beam, split

The LS 05 split light barrier has a robust metal housing and a high degree of protection.

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Single beam, rod shape

Optical, single-beam, rod-shaped Series LAS 3, SL 4

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Reflected light barriers FRL

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Reflected light barriers ORS

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