Measuring - Retrofit in practice

Control cabinet in the camera system
Old against new - advantages!

We use standard components from Beckhoff and Siemens. The components are maintenance-free and spare parts are available on the open market worldwide if required. Their size and design are easy to handle compared to outdated technology. The interior of our control cabinets presents an orderly and clear picture. The safety technology of our systems complies with the latest directives. State-of-the-art PC technology ensures simple and practical operation of our devices. The latest lighting, high-resolution camera systems and their flash light technology ensure optimum image evaluation and fault detection.

From old to new - Retrofit

Unidor offers the possibility of refurbishing old camera systems and test cells to the latest state of the art.

This is achieved through an all-encompassing retrofit. Our arguments speak for themselves! Conserving resources for the sake of the environment and the attractive pricing compared to a new device. State-of-the-art software and the use of new camera systems make artificial intelligence possible.

Kl in use! We offer our valued customers and interested parties product-related solutions for existing measuring machines. On the latest generation of PC technology, you will find an ergonomic user interface with a clear, well-organized display and simple operation. The software enables Kl-supported image processing tasks to be carried out in the system. It includes a compact application server that allows web access to all functions and configurations. The plugin-supporting architecture provides a standardized and easy-to-maintain method for creating application-specific systems. There are sample plugins, programmed in Python, for OpenCV, inference with TensorFlow and many other supporting services.

What we offer

  • Retrofit of the existing measuring machine
  • New PC
  • New software with artificial intelligence
  • New cameras and new lighting if necessary

Your benefits

  • Simple operation
  • Clear and concise presentation
  • Can be retrofitted with artificial intelligence at any time
  • Ergonomic surface Solutions for complete measuring tasks


  • AI object recognition
  • A variety of measuring tools
  • Automatic scratch detection
  • Noise reduction
  • Outline detection
  • OCR - Character recognition
  • Simple pattern comparison