unidor, what else?

unidor, TRsystems GmbH is simply more than the sum of its products

More than 30 years of unidor, more than 30 years of technology for stamping and forming technology. In the world of stamping and presses, we have not only successfully installed many thousands of systems worldwide, but have also significantly shaped the technology. We were pioneers for much of what is state of the art today.

We want to continue to fulfill this claim with energy and passion according to the principle that every customer is our only customer.

We stand for:

  • direct contact for all questions
  • Complex system tests
  • professional quality assurance
  • a passionate sales team
  • fast order processing
  • practical training in-house and at the customer's premises

Competence + Quality

Quality and fast availability are our top priorities. This applies from the electronic component to the finished device.

Quality Inside: for mechanics & electronics
Quality Outside: for support & service

All systems therefore undergo a 48-hour endurance test under worst-case conditions. We test according to the national and international standards ISO, GS and IEC, to name but a few. Our products are not only characterized by maximum efficiency and reliability, but also by a comprehensive full service: From consulting to user support, from hotline to service, from manual to training, you can expect a comprehensive individual service. We gain innovation and perspectives for practical and market-oriented products through continuous intensive exchange of opinions with institutes, external experts and, above all, with our customers. Enthusiastic employees, specialists with a great deal of know-how and initiative, characterize the professionalism of our work from development to production and quality assurance to service. You rely on products that make your work easier, that make sense and whose investment pays for itself quickly. Products that ensure your strength and profile in the market, services from which you benefit and which you can sell profitably.

Only those who react dynamically to customer wishes and deliver what the customer wants will be successful in the long term. A competent presence and intensive contact with the customer, together with practical products, are an important key to success. Successful products can only be created if we know exactly what you want. Components and systems from practitioners for practitioners! That's why you should see our sales representatives not just as dedicated salespeople, but rather as passionate service providers with one major goal: to convince you of our products and our company in the long term. Whenever you need us, we are there for you: dynamic, creative and extremely efficient. With all the experience of a successful company.