LVCpro 02-S Charge amplifier for piezo sensors

LVCpro 02-S suitable for dynamic and quasi-static measurement processes.

With the newly designed, compact LVCpro 02-S charge amplifier cassette, multi-channel measurement of the press force can be carried out cost-effectively using piezo sensors. An evaluation can be carried out via any higher-level control system with analog input, e.g. Unidor systems (powerPRESS & compactPRESS ) or external PC and PLC systems.


For machines and devices to measure dynamic and quasi-static forces, preferably in press construction. The required piezo sensors are supplied ready assembled in various designs by TRsystems GmbH, Unidor system division.


  • Easy installation and wiring
  • 24 VDC supply voltage
  • 2 measuring channels
  • Peak value and instantaneous value outputs (2+2)
  • Switchable filter for suppressing interference
  • Adjustable amplification via code switch
  • Low-impedance analog signal outputs
  • Simple connection of signals and encoders on the front panel

Data sheet in PDF format:

Data sheet LVCpro 02-S