Record process data (Process Data Capturing)

OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications United Architecture)

The UNiDOR PDC offers the export function of all measured values of compactPRESS from real time, such as analog measured values, counter states, states of Boolean variables and variables of the user interface, e.g. date, time as SPC data.

Freely configurable data records, each data record consists of a freely configurable number of data (data series). Several data series with different trigger conditions, e.g. for good parts, bad parts, ... can be created. There is no limit to the number of data series or the number of data acquisition objects. The whole thing is available as an OPC UA interface. The OPC UA architecture is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) whose structure consists of several layers. All basic services defined by OPC (base services) are abstract method descriptions that are protocol-independent and provide the basis for the entire OPC UA functionality.

The transport layer executes these methods using a protocol that serializes/deserializes the data and sends it over the network. Two protocols are currently provided for this purpose: a highly optimized and high-performance TCP protocol with binary coding and a protocol based on web services. Other protocols are possible and can be added if required.