The future of punching and forming is changing rapidly: more complex, faster, more precise and everything documented seamlessly, right up to the highest stroke rate. Your customers' innovative product requirements and constant cost pressure are forcing you to push the limits of what is feasible with your product and tools. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to visualize the stamping and forming process comprehensively in order to precisely optimize and control each work step on this basis.

Only those who understand exactly what is going on can meet customer demands for perfect production and quality products and create a technological edge that secures orders today and even more so tomorrow.

The machine control system only meets these requirements to a limited extent. This requires intelligent monitoring devices such as compactPRESS. Here, state-of-the-art IPC technology is combined with a large selection of intelligent software controls. Nothing remains hidden, compactPRESS reacts at lightning speed to all irregularities and thus ensures continuously monitored production and controlled quality. The constant careful use of machine and tool resources. compactPRESS is neither costly nor complicated, but extremely powerful and highly flexible in every situation. The all-rounder completes any task quickly and reliably, completely individually and simply with easy-to-understand instructions. compactPRESS integrates seamlessly into the machine and control system environment. Assembly and installation are completed quickly, so that nothing stands in the way of rapid availability of the system.