Multi-jet, variable

LAV Series

LAG series, for the detection of falling parts from the mold (ejection control). Parts > 1mm can be reliably detected. The distance between transmitter and receiver can be variably adjusted via the guide rail. An impact protection device protects the optics of the light barrier against impacting parts.


Typical application:

  • Ejection control with variable distance
  • Count parts

Description / Advantages:

  • Sensitivity 0.5 mm sphere
  • Infrared
  • Changing light
  • internal amplifier
  • Switching status display
  • Adjustable pulse length and sensitivity
  • Dynamic output pulse, 5-stage
  • Static output 30 sec.
  • Contamination indicator
  • Scratch-resistant optics
  • Oil-resistant PUR cable fixed (PG) or pluggable
  • Baffle plates as glass protection
  • Protection class IP65

Data sheet in PDF format:

LAV Serie