cP-Control tonnage monitoring

The tonnage monitoring can be monitored using envelope curve technology, window technology and min/max. The envelope curve technology reduces the repair costs of the tool. It is not the maximum force of the machine that is monitored, but the entire tonnage monitoring curve. The envelope curve is placed around the tonnage monitoring lines. If the envelope curve is violated, a stop signal is immediately sent to the machine. The adaptation function cancels out fluctuations in tonnage monitoring caused by material or oil and the machine is given variably adjusted limits. This technology allows the individual phases of the stamping process to be analyzed and the processes and tools to be optimized.

The charge of the force sensor is recorded and forwarded to the PSA4ec charge amplifier. cP force/displacement measurement compares actual values with the target values. This enables permanent monitoring of the tonnage monitoring. Teach-in envelope curve monitoring enables precise monitoring and analysis of the process at any time. This allows you to optimize your punching process.