Digtal charge amplifier LVCnet

The charge amplifier cassette LVCnet is a digital 2/4-channel charge amplifier with integrated multiprotocol fieldbus interface for measuring force, tonnage, pressure, acceleration, vibration and torsion using piezoelectric sensors.

The high sampling rate and high resolution enable the evaluation of very fast processes for all types of piezo sensors.

The robust aluminum housing for DIN rail mounting allows the LVCnet to be used in harsh industrial environments and guarantees reliable and durable functionality.

The low drift of the input stages and the digital processing of the charge signal are very precise and therefore also allow quasi-static measurements.

The product has analog outputs that allow it to be used without a fieldbus. In this operating mode, the digitized charge signal is made available again as an analogue signal (+/-10V) via a 16-bit DAC for processing by higher-level control systems. In this operating mode, triggering takes place via one of the 4 available digital inputs.

The integrated digital outputs make it possible to implement trigger monitoring, wire break monitoring and min/max monitoring of the sensor signals independently of a higher-level control system.

The status of the device and all I/O interfaces can be visualized via the integrated OLED display and the associated buttons.

This offers the advantage, for example, that the commissioning engineer can check the device status, IP address, piezo inputs, digital inputs and outputs, as well as the analog outputs.

Data sheet in PDF format:

Data sheet LVCnet