Renovate instead of new, always a good alternative

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together with competent mechanical specialists, we will ensure a compact mechanical, hydraulic and electrical complete overhaul of your machine.

  • Short service interruption
  • No structural changes (foundations)
  • Expense immediately depreciable

Those who calculate need us:

  • Current machine status
  • Expertise for general electrical overhauls
  • Control cabinet + control panel
  • PLC S7 control system (as HardPLC or SoftPLC)
  • compactPRESS starline or ecoLINE
  • Complete electrics + installation
  • Handover + acceptance with safety check
  • Training + service + spare part

Presses and punching presses are durable capital goods whose life cycle exceeds the control system, peripherals, actuators and sensors, so why always think about a new machine when there is still a lot of money to be made with the old one at modest cost!

This solution also has tax advantages.

A refurbished automatic punching press is just as good an image-enhancing reference object for customers and end users as a new one! An optimally refurbished automatic punching press is in no way inferior to a new one in terms of performance and appearance!

Whether electronics or mechanics, you are in good hands with UNiDOR and its partners when it comes to modernization!


1. Status & Expertise

First, the machine status is determined, then the concept for modernization is...

We determine the current status of your machine. In a subsequent expert discussion, we will then show you the various options for global refurbishment and subsequent modernization.

In an expert report, we describe all expenses, workflows and provide a detailed schedule for the project.

2. Realization

 ...This is followed by a fixed schedule for conversion and commissioning...

The top priority of the general overhaul is a short interruption to the machine's operation.

From project planning, the timely scheduling of all new units and components, the complete pre-assembly of the control cabinet and operating unit, the rapid conversion on site to the commissioning and trial operation of the machine, we have experienced project management and a well-coordinated, qualified team of specialists.

3. Handover and operation

 ...and finally the handover of the machine and control system to you

We take particular care when handing over the machine to your maintenance or production department: Together with your authorized employees, we carry out the acceptance test, the proof of function, performance and conformity, including a comprehensive safety check (the current safety standards BG, EN.... always apply to our work). All relevant processes and data are recorded in an acceptance report.

Training, long-term service agreements and a spare parts package round off the modernization.

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Our users include leading well-known manufacturers from the automotive, electrical and medical industries as well as a large number of their suppliers.