Piezo Signal Analysis Sensor

Precisely measure deformation & sound in solid bodies

If you need to measure deformation, sound and vibration precisely, then PSA piezo technology is not just an alternative, but the first choice.

Der Piezo als Analog-Sensor ist ein höchst praktikabler Weg diffizile physikalische Vor- gänge in festen Körpern zu erfassen. Zusammen mit dem PiezoSignalAmplifier PSA 4 eC werden kleinste Signale präzise detektiert und als Prozessdaten via EtherCAT Schnittstelle in der SPS und CNC oder im IPC und PC gelesen.

Mounting the PSA sensor

The easiest way is to fix the piezo disk to the mechanics at a suitable measuring position using adhesive. The optimum position for the measuring task is determined by the task and the process technology, and often only empirical determination remains.


If the height of the piezo disk (approx. 2 mm) is a problem, it can also be recessed. The sealing potting additionally protects and fixes the disk.

Handling the PSA measurement signal

Stationary or mobile: the PSA sensor in combination with the piezoCONTROL piezo measuring system provides exact data for measuring, controlling and analyzing mechanical processes and is used in a wide variety of applications.