Sensors, controls and systems ensure optimum results in machines, production, tools and renovation.

We can't do everything, but when it comes to stamping and forming, we are professionals and reliable partners. Your enthusiastic problem solver for production processes and top quality.

Sensors, controls and systems from unidor for perfect punching & forming for ...

  • mechanical engineering
  • the production
  • toolmaking
  • the machine renovation


The all-in-one process systems are universal devices that are prepared for a wide range of tasks and can be flexibly and precisely adjusted (parameterized) to meet your requirements - one today and a completely different one tomorrow.

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Controls are the classic and cost-effective introduction to professional visualization and monitoring of various production processes in stamping and forming technology.

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They convert physical variables such as sound, temperature, displacement, vibrations and pressure into electrical signals, which are then evaluated and assessed by the measurement and control systems.

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The low-cost monitoring devices: Connect, switch on and start checking and monitoring tools and machines: it's all very easy.

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Renovation instead of new is always a good alternative. Together with competent mechanical specialists, we ensure a compact mechanical, hydraulic and electrical complete overhaul of your machine.

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For ultra-speed automation as an active Bus Terminal or embeddedUNIT. Automation is increasingly demanding faster and more complex processes. As a result, the available control systems are increasingly reaching their technical and economic limits. As a rule, however, the ultra-speed requirements do not apply to the entire control system, but only to certain functional areas.

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