ioCONTROLLER for ultraspeed automation as an active Bus Terminal or embeddedUNIT

The turbo for automation

Automation is increasingly demanding faster and more complex processes. As a result, the available control systems are increasingly reaching their technical and economic limits. As a rule, however, the ultra-speed requirements do not apply to the entire control system, but only to certain functional areas.

We supply two versions of the ioCONTROLLER, which can be quickly mounted and easily installed using a mounting rail:

ioCONTROLLER multi (c-BoxM)

ioCONTROLLER digital (c-BoxD)


Accelerates every PLC by a factor of 100

The ioCONTROLLER sets new standards in ultraspeed automation as an active Bus Terminal or embedded UNIT. While PLC systems today achieve 2,000 I/O handling operations per second, the ioCONTROLLER, for example, generates 200,000 analog measurement values in the same time, making it around 100 times faster than any PLC.

If these areas are isolated and replaced by the ioCONTROLLER as an independent subsystem, there are significant advantages:

Ultra-fast processes where this makes sense

Maximum relief of the control system

Shorter project planning due to more transparent software

Stand-alone control unit or perfect partner for the PLC, if it has to be ultra-fast, highly accurate and extremely flexible, then the ioCONTROLLER is just the thing.

ioCONTROLLER digital/multi (c-BoxD/c-BoxM)

The ioCONTROLLER has been specially designed for fast, analog and digital signal processing and can be cascaded as required as a bus terminal. It is equally suitable for stationary and mobile use.

Up to 200x oversampling

It has 12 UltraSpeedProcessing analog inputs with 16-bit resolution including sign. The maximum sampling rate of the AD converters is 200 kSPS per channel or 5µs/sample: i.e. a real sampling rate of 200 kHz. This is unprecedented precision and dynamics in analog signal processing. These impressive response times are based on the direct logical linking of all inputs and outputs via FPGA in conjunction with a high-speed controller. 200 measurements per PLC cycle corresponds to an oversampling of 200. Due to the enormous data volumes, it is possible to reduce the oversampling to ­100 kSPS or 50 kSPS. In addition to the current measured values, the ioCONTROLLER also generates intelligent process variables such as mean value, min/max value and difference value (range) per PLC cycle.

The process variables are stored in Process Data Objects PDOs. Fixed and freely configurable PDOs are available for this purpose. Fixed PDOs are, for example, the measured values of the oversampling of analog inputs 9...12. Free PDOs can be filled with intelligent variables as required by the user. In contrast to the fixed PDOs, the resulting total size of the free PDOs is variable.

As a standalone embedded UNIT, it also operates entirely without a PLC. As a standalone controller, the ioCONTROLLER is suitable for almost any compact real-time application, especially when high-speed signal processing of analog signals is essential.

In combination with an industrial PC, the ioCONTROLLER is the perfect hardware for small to medium-sized, extremely fast automation systems for the

  • Control
  • Positioning
  • Measure & control
  • Checking
  • Monitoring, checking and testing

The following interfaces are available for communication with the peripherals:

  • EtherCAT

This means that the ioCONTROLLER can be easily integrated into almost any process or system.

The connection to the PLC is made via cable in terms of hardware and via Device Description File in terms of software. The PLC application and ioCONTROLLER application communicate with each other without any problems.

Each communication profile has its own Device Description File, which is loaded as open source software together with the respective description on the web.